Intramural Travel Player Policy



January 2015


RE:    Standing Policy Statement Regarding Registered Travel Soccer Players and     their Participation in the Glen Cove Soccer Intramural Program(s)


To:    Glen Cove Junior Soccer Board & Members



Following the conclusion of the 2014 Fall Intramural Soccer program, ending with “Soccerfest” 2014;


    No registered travel soccer player participating in any licensed/accredited travel program will be eligible to participate in either the fall or spring Glen Cove Junior Club Soccer Intramural Program


The only exception to this policy will be a player who registers with the Glen Cove Junior Soccer Intramural program prior to the registration deadline date and then (during) the season joins a travel team/program. That player may complete and participate in the remainder of the fall or spring season (as applicable) but will not be eligible to play in future intramural programs, if registered as a travel soccer player.


Any parent or legal guardian who willfully registers their child, and whose child is participating in a travel soccer program, with the Glen Cove Junior Soccer Intramural Program will thereby forfeit their registration fee with no refund. Any parent wishing to coach in the Glen Cove Junior Intramural Soccer program must acknowledge in writing that their child is not participating in any Glen Cove or other travel soccer program.   


This policy decision is based on the underlying belief that the Glen Cove Intramural Soccer program (fall and spring) should be for the fun and enjoyment of all of its members. Active participation on the field by all players can only be obtained if some regulation of travel players is maintained and enforced by this board.    


Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.




Marty Shannon

President GCJSL


cc:  Darcy Belyea 

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