Travel Program

It takes a large number of volunteers to put together schedules, games and all activities. Our league is filled with strong players and they only get better with training. We have those trainers available with the partnership of the Glen Cove Soccer League and Mike Cipriano of Gold Coast FC.

Come join us for one of our Travel Team games and see the quality of players that develop within the Glen Cove Junior Soccer League. Our focus is on player performance, technique, skill level and most importantly sportsmanship. Our players respect the game, coaches and each other.

Contact Martin Shannon to find out more information on how your child can become a Glen Cove Travel Player.



ARSENAL – BU19 (born after 7/31/1995)

COBRAS – BU16 (born after 7/31/1998)

GALAXY – BU15 (born after 7/31/1999)

BARCELONA JR – BU11 (born after 7/31/2003)

ROSSONERI – BU9 (born after 7/31/2005)


WILDCATS – GU14 (born after 7/31/2000)

LADYBUGS – GU9 (born after 7/31/2005)



HOTSPURS – BU8 (born after 7/31/2006)

COTTAGERS – BU8 (born after 7/31/2006)

RANGERS – BU7 (born after 7/31/2007)