Intramurals Program

Glen Cove Intramurals

The Glen Cove Jr Soccer Intramural Program is comprised of Boys and Girls from the age of 6-14 and runs in Fall and Spring seasons.

It is a child’s first experience in organized soccer. Try-outs are not necessary to register for Intramural Program. Children are typically trained by parents and community volunteers. This league is for children that wish to play and participate in soccer in a fun and non-competitive environment without the commitment that participation in our travel program requires. This program runs in the Spring and Fall Seasons.

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Fall Intramurals

The Fall Program runs for seven weeks from September to November. Players are eligible if they are currently in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Approximately 400 children participate each year. Game are played twice a week (Saturday and one on a week night). Most teams will also practice once per week, especially at the start of the season. All games are played at Glen Cove City Stadium. The players are grouped by grade and boys and girls play in separate divisions.

Pre-K and Kindergarten (Co-Ed) play only Saturday for one hour. One half of the Saturday session is skills training provided by professional youth soccer trainers. In the other half of the hour an informal small sided game is played against another Kindergarten team. The game is typically 3 vs. 3 with a parent/coach on the field with the young players.

Fall Soccerfest

The Fall Intramural season ends in an all day round robin style tournament. Each team plays three short games. For this single day in the season scores are recorded and standings are kept. The two most successful teams in each division meet for a final game. All players receive a participation trophy with additional awards for Sportsmanship and to the winners of each division final.

Spring Intramurals

The Spring Intramural Program runs for eight weeks starting in April. Begun as an alternative for children not playing baseball, the program has grown in popularity and has over 300 players each year. The games and other activities are only on Sundays. While some teams have a practice during the week, most do not in keeping with the relaxed “Sunday afternoon pick-up game” intention of the Spring Program. The program is offered at the playing fields of one of the schools of the Glen Cove School District.


We offer a “Tiny Tots” session for children who will attend Kindergarten the next fall. This is a group session that lasts one hour with frequent water breaks. The Program is run by youth soccer training professionals and is geared to familiarize these youngest of players with soccer concepts. There is no organized competition and the session consists of a series of games to build individual skills. Parents are welcome to drift on and off the field with their child. The intention is to prepare the children for participation in our Fall Kindergarten Program which features small sided games.

Grades K-6

Children currently in grades K-6 are organized into teams and play one game each Sunday lasting about one hour. The teams are mixed, boys and girls, and grouped by grade.



  • Masks mandatory for all coaches, refs, and spectators
  • Masks for players on field will be optional (players on sideline mandatory)
  • Maintain appropriate social distancing at 6 feet apart
  • Only 2 spectators allowed per player
  • Players and spectators must leave the field promptly after the game
  • No beverages or snacks will be sold. Must bring your own water.
  • If exposed to COVID or test positive, please inform the league immediately
  • Any violation will be met with zero tolerance